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Grand Paris Express site: new furniture rental with Move & Rent, a new social approach to housing mobile workers.

When renting new furniture creates unique experiences...

How is Move & Rent helping to provide accommodation for mobile professionals on the Grand Paris Express construction site and the forthcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

For several months now, a new type of accommodation has been introduced on the Greater Paris construction site. Workers, sometimes coming from distant cities, have to confront difficulties in putting a roof over their heads which is also close to their workplace: too expensive, too complex, too far away...

Since March 2019, a solution has emerged: to house some of the 5,400 employees working on Europe's largest urban project in buildings due to be demolished as part of an urban renewal scheme. This is how Move & Rent is helping to give a second life to this housing whilst opting for a social approach that makes sense.

How does it work?

The principle is simple. Rather than boarding up the buildings destined to be demolished, they are completely renovated instead. Move & Rent first applies its rental know-how to bring new furniture and household appliances for the workers. The homes are then supplied with electricity, with internet... In short, a turnkey service that requires no action from the on-site workers. Just like a regular service, the furniture is assembled, delivered and collected at the rental period’s end. All furniture at the contract’s conclusion is then given a second life via the Move & Rent partner network: an eco-responsible approach anchored in the company's corporate policy and values since 2012.

No more endless journeys for these building professionals, no more interminable steps to obtain an affordable home!  The workforce giving life to this giant project are therefore more relaxed and productive employees.

Many skilled workers come from all over France and abroad and access to housing in the Paris region is more difficult than in the regions. Today, dozens of dwellings from  two to four bedroom flats, and with a permanent 90% occupancy rate, have been equipped by Move & Rent.

With all the work planned to host the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, this new form of social housing seems to have a bright future ahead of it. For workers living in caravans, mobile homes, foreigners and young people arriving from the provinces with little means and unaccustomed to living within an urban environment, the future seems tranquil despite the gigantic works planned!

200 kilometres of railway lines, 68 stations and 7 technical centres: a colossal construction site for building and construction companies. The innovative solution that Move & Rent offers is part of these companies’ CSR policy where quality of life at work is linked to a responsible approach to functional economics (use rather than ownership).

A real challenge with a bright future...

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