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Remote Working quality of life and MSD prevention: Move & Rent solutions

Practised by only 3% of employees in 2017, remote working has been both mandated and accelerated in recent months due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Given the situation’s uncertain evolution in the coming months, it is the subject to be addressed both at the time of recruitment and for existing employees.

Today, it is up to companies to adapt and anticipate these demands if they want to remain competitive and not see talent elude them, in particular by guaranteeing the creation of a quality remote working space.

Many employees have adopted, or will adopt, remote working two to three days a week: they will spend a significant amount of time at home, often with uncomfortable equipment (dining table chair, unsuitable desk, etc.). This is an opportunity for employers to offer solutions and make suitable equipment available, in particular to prevent MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).

Indeed, one of the main challenges in the development of remote working is the prevention of MSDs. Did you know that they are the main cause of lost working days and account for 87% of work stoppages due to occupational illness? They are a source of chaotic organisation, reduced employee performance, increased staff absence due to illness and company employee turnover. However, MSDs are easily preventable thanks to an ergonomic workstation!

Move & Rent, a furniture rental company, has designed "MSD remote working packs", specially designed so that employees can work comfortably from home using ergonomic equipment, which helps to prevent the onset of MSDs. Desks, chairs, footrests, lamps, but also mice, keyboard, laptop stand or even headsets: our solutions are fully customisable!

Remote working MSD prevention

According to, "musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) include conditions affecting the structures located at the periphery of the joints: muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, bursae, joint capsules, vessels...". Whilst all occupations can be affected, those adopting a static position and making repetitive movements are particularly at risk. MSDs are exacerbated in situations of psychological stress: working under pressure, lack of hierarchical recognition, boredom at work, etc.

In office work, MSDs mainly affect the back, neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists and can become so unbearable that their sufferers have to stop working or even change jobs. There is no age limit for being affected by MSDs: even students are!

Prolonged sitting is unnatural for the body and can be detrimental when practiced 7 to 9 hours a day. It is therefore absolutely vital to pay attention to the risks and make necessary adaptations to minimise the risk of MSDs.

How to maintain good posture at the office?

  • Place monitor screens at a distance of 40-60cm, the upper third at eye level;
  • Adjust the chair properly: feet flat on the floor, knees should be at right angles. Add a footrest for more comfort.
  • Lay the keyboard flat, easily accessible without stretching your arms, at hand level when the elbows are at right angles;
  • Place the mouse close to the keyboard, aligned with the shoulder.

Finally, doctors recommend avoiding prolonged static positions and taking a few steps every hour. Ideally, you should even have a desk that allows you to work standing part of the time.

What ergonomic equipment should be used for remote working?

  • Height-adjustable or sit/stand desk: to adapt the desk to your height and benefit from the advantages of standing;
  • Ergonomic office chair: good back support, with armrests and multiple adjustment options;
  • Office footrest: prevents back pain and improves blood circulation whilst allowing good posture;
  • Computer stand: to raise the laptop to eye level and avoid neck and back tension;
  • Ergonomic mouse: to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome (the most common MSD) and tendonitis;
  • Suitable mouse pad and keyboard: with gel or foam wrist rests to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Move & Rent and remote working furniture rental

Adding a desk and chair to the traditional computers and notepads in the new employee welcome pack? This idea, which might have seemed unusual a few months ago, is evolving within French companies. After quality of life at work, it's time to tackle the topic of remote working quality of life. Indeed, it is in the employer's interest to ensure the well-being, comfort and health of its employees by offering ergonomic equipment for remote working, thereby helping to prevent MSDs.

With new employee lifestyles and mobility, remote working furniture rental is a solution with many advantages: simplicity, flexibility, responsiveness.

Move & Rent offers remote working furniture packages for rent to meet this demand. Our solution allows total flexibility in terms of rental duration, pack customisation and delivery locations in order to adapt perfectly to the new needs of employees, whether existing or future recruits.

Solutions for all needs

Do your employees have accommodation homes ?of varying sizes, making it difficult to deploy a single office model? By going through the rental process, it's easy to choose the right piece of furniture for everyone.

A transfer, a forthcoming move? Simply replace it with the next larger or smaller office, without any additional stress or logistical concerns for you thanks to our solution!

Employee leaving the company? We take care of the rented furniture’s collection, on the day of your choice and at no extra cost.

After a few months of experimentation, has the majority of your employees decided to come back to the office? Or, conversely, to extend the duration of remote working? Don't worry, our contracts adapt to your needs and the rapid assistance of Solène, Frédérique and Stéphanie from customer service, will allow you to easily manage the situation.

Employees throughout France? This is not a problem for us, as we deliver the assembled furniture all over metropolitan France.

In order to relieve you of all logistical worries, all our contracts include assembly, delivery of preassembled furniture, after-sales service if necessary and then collection at the rental contract’s conclusion.

A remote working package rental is also advantageous for employees on short or temporary contracts: our minimum rental period is 24 hours. We will accompany your employees during their career development, adapting to all possible types of contracts.

Move & Rent is a company involved in the circular economy: at the end of the rental contract, all the furniture will be collected and will have a second life, in compliance with your and our CSR approach!

Companies, build solutions for your employees with us: do not hesitate to contact us for any information and customised quote at

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