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Feedback on the Move&Rent service - Vanessa Marks, Co-founder of Dutch Home Hunters

Dutch Home Hunters is a company run by expats, for expats. If anyone knows the trials and tribulations associated with immigrating to the Netherlands its them. With Dutch Home Hunters you are in safe hands. Let them find you the house, and you focus on your new adventure!

Vanessa Marks, Co-founder of Dutch Home Hunters shares her experience of using Move&Rent services.


Hello Vanessa, in a few words, could you present your missions within Dutch Home Hunters?

I’m Vanessa Marks, co-founder of Dutch Home Hunters. We are a property search agency that helps expats secure homes before they arrive in the Netherlands. I aim to make the house hunting process as stress-free and light hearted as possible.

In what initial context did the Dutch Home Hunters team call upon the services of Move&Rent? What was your initial challenge?

I had a South African client who was coming to the Netherlands with his family. We found them an unfurnished home that needed furniture urgently. This is when I reached out to Move&Rent by searching for a furniture rental solution online.


Why did you turn to Move&Rent to address this/these issue(s)? 

I know Move&Rent can give me a precise time and date to deliver and assemble furniture. So not the long 8-hour time slot that ikea usually offers. Besides that, they offer a wide range of furniture, different style and price, with very flexible conditions in terms of rental duration and budget. Their solution fits all my clients, from the young starter renting a studio to the family renting a house.
My clients can arrive from Schiphol knowing that they will have a fully functioning home.


How did the implementation of the Move&Rent service go? 

It was simple and straight forward! I introduce Move&Rent to my clients by email and they do the rest. It does not cost me any time or effort.


What has it done for your team & your business? 

It’s just made my life easier knowing I can recommend Sébastien and his team. I know that I can now easily offer non-furnished homes to my clients without having to worry about furnishing them.


What does the notion of second life for your furniture mean to you in the context of your activity? Does it represent a lever in your decision making? 

I think it’s great that the furniture is still in use even after the initial rental period. Everyone is concerned about wastage so ‘second life’ furniture eases any concerns you may have about using ‘fast furniture’.


What is your assessment of this experience? 

Sébastien and his team always go above and beyond for my clients. My clients will always have a bed to sleep on when the arrive in The Netherlands.


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