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Consider the planet: rent rather than own!

Make an eco-responsible contribution by renting NEW furniture from Move&Rent. At contract’s end, all of your furniture is given a second life thanks to our network of partners. This is the circular economy’s key principle.

Circular economy

In Netherlands and beyond, the transition to a circular economy is officially recognised as one of the key objectives of the green revolution and one of the commitments to sustainable development. That is why, at Move&Rent, we have been implementing a true functional economy since 2012: in other words, prioritising rental and reuse over ownership, selling a service rather than a good. But we go even further because, at contract’s end, all our furniture has a second life through our network of partners. We have designed and manage our services with a commitment to zero waste. Because the future of our planet matters. Because every action counts. Because we are all involved: citizens, communities, companies, associations, administrations and R&D participants throughout the region.

NEW furniture

NEW furniture

Contemporary, trendy and functional, adapted to your needs

All-inclusive service

All-inclusive service

Delivery, installation, assembly and furniture return at contract’s end

Circular economy

Circular economy

Recycling of all furniture at contract end

Circular economy
A global concept of eco-responsibility

A global concept
of eco-responsibility

Since its creation in 2012, and in response to socio-environmental challenges, Move&Rent has been utilising a circular economy strategy together with concepts and values based on eco-responsibility and community spirit:
- No stock, no warehouse: true just-in-time and tailor-made logistics combine to reduce the carbon footprint.,
- Zero waste: a second life for all furniture at contract’s end.,
- Community spirit: Move&Rent regularly donates furniture to charities (Emmaus, French Red Cross, etc.).


Move and Rent’s founding date and the beginning of our commitment to a new way of consumption

Second life

More than 40,000 pieces of furniture have been given a second life since 2012.


Zero stock, Zero waste Move&Rent favours proximity and operates on a just-in-time basis.

Renting NEW furniture from Move&Rent is an eco-responsible environmental solution.

Do you have endless questions about our planet’s future? What are the solutions to protect the environment? How can we be productive whilst being eco-responsible? What actions should we take to protect our environment? Recycling, restoring, reusing, limiting waste,... All of this is already well-known to you. In short, you are either committed to protecting the planet or want to be, you are ecologically aware and you want to opt for intelligent and therefore responsible consumption.

Since its founding in 2012, Move&Rent has made the choice to offer its customers, individuals and companies, a service that includes a new way of consuming: responsible and intelligent consumption. For several years now, Move&Rent has been thinking of the planet by inviting its BtoC and B2B customers to favour rental and reuse over ownership by choosing to rent NEW furniture from Move&Rent. This is called the functional economy.

How does furniture rental from Move&Rent use the functional economy to promote a sustainable development approach?

The obvious question is: what is the functional economy? In fact, it's simple. The functional economy consists of offering or selling a service to individuals, companies or regions based on rental and reuse rather than ownership or purchase of a good itself. The aim is therefore to replace the sale of a good or product with the implementation of an integrated rental solution in a sustainable development approach.
Via this approach, the objective of Move&Rent is to make the product last longer in order to reduce waste. Thus, by offering NEW furniture for rent, Move&Rent operates a functional economy based business model. NEW furniture is first rented and then offered back to the market for reuse at the rental period’s end using the circular economy system.

Move&Rent uses this innovative circular economy based business model by giving furniture a second life at the rental contract’s end.

In Netherlands and beyond, the transition to a circular economy is officially recognised as one of the key objectives of the green revolution and one of the commitments to sustainable development. That is why, at Move&Rent, we have created a true circular economy, the circular furniture economy, since all our furniture at contract’s end has a second life thanks to our network of partners. We have designed and operate our services with a zero waste, zero wasteful consumption approach. Since its founding, and in response to current socio-environmental challenges, Move&Rent has been operating a circular economy based strategy using concepts and values based on eco-responsibility and community spirit.
In concrete terms, how does the circular furniture economy work at Move&Rent? First of all, the customer, whether he\she is an individual, a company, a property developer etc, can use the NEW furniture rental service Move&Rent. As a recap, Move&Rent offers furniture from studio up to five bedroom apartments for furniture rental periods from one month up to a year. There is no stock, no warehouse: a true just-in-time logistics operation. Then, the furniture is delivered, assembled and installed at the customer's premises, observing short delivery times and reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint as much as possible during transportation using only local service providers. At contract end, the furniture is collected by our teams.
This is where the notion of zero waste and no wasteful consumption comes into play, since furniture at contract end is given a second life thanks to our network of partners. This does not stop there since Move&Rent regularly makes donations of furniture to associations such as Emmaus or the French Red Cross. Accordingly, in addition to carrying out actions in favour of the environment, Move&Rent is committed to people in need by contributing to the community

At Move&Rent, the circular business economy is also integrated into its strategy towards a green economy.

Companies are also provided for at Move&Rent. Companies which use the Move&Rent NEW furniture rental service are seeking solutions to professional mobility problems. An employee is assigned to a project for a fixed period of time away from home, the company can then rent his\her furniture for the project’s duration and all without any purchase or storage requirements. Another example: a company wants to rent its office furniture to provide a pleasant working environment its employees. Once again Move&Rent is a practical, unconstrained solution offering impeccable service to companies. All of this is always done, of course, with a circular economy approach so that all corporate furniture is given a second life. In this way, Move&Rent fits perfectly into companies' CSR strategies and supports companies in this process.

The Move&Rent business model is geared towards a green economy for all economic participants and their stakeholders.

By offering furniture for rent, Move&Rent helps to reduce waste. Preferring rental and reuse to ownership is also environmentally friendly since Move&Rent offers a furniture rental service and thereby avoids the environmental problems associated with furniture purchase. Finally, Move&Rent gives a second life to all furniture at the rental contract’s end. Furniture items are either distributed within our network of partners or donated to charities as a contribution to the community. In short, a business model focused on the circular and functional economies.