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What does the Move&Rent service include?

The Move&Rent service includes the rental of new furniture\products, assembly, delivery, installation and furniture\product return at the end of the contract.

Our service includes recycling of all furniture\products at the contract’s end via selected partners or charities.

Do you want to have a positive impact on the environment? By choosing our service you have the guarantee that 100% of your furniture\products will have a second life.

Can I rent the furniture\products for a specific time period?

Absolutely! You can rent your furniture\products from one month to a year with a rental agreement commitment. You can extend your contract without any commitment!

Can I change the duration of my contract/is there a commitment period?

Your contract duration is binding on you, but we can pre-plan the furniture\products’ return if you wish. Do you want to extend your contract? No commitment will be asked of you and you will continue on a monthly basis with a reduced rental fee!

Can I rent for a period of less than one month or for a period of more than a year?

Yes, of course! For a period of less than one month, you must select the minimum rental period of one month. However, Move&Rent will take care of collecting the rented furniture\products on the desired date. For a rental period exceeding a year, you can extend your rental contract without commitment and with a reduced rental fee.

Where is the delivery area?

We deliver everywhere within Netherlands.

Above 75 km around Eindhoven, delivery costs are calculated according to several elements such as product quantity, product size(s) and distance. We do everything possible to reduce costs and offer you the best possible service.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times differ dependent on the selected products. The IKEA packages will be delivered within 72 hours.

Feedback and Tips

Feedback and Tips

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Delivery 5 days a week

Delivery 5 days a week

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