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PHILIPS PowerPro Compact - Vacuum cleaner
PHILIPS PowerPro Compact - Vacuum cleaner

PHILIPS PowerPro Compact - Vacuum cleaner

Baggless vacuum cleaner with a bag capacity of 1,5 liter

Guarantee: during the term of the contract, within a limit of 24 months.

Colour : Blue.
Product presentation
Technical characteristics

from € 19.94* VAT included/month

for a 12-month rental in our delivery cities.

*Monthly rental amount (including assembly and installation) excluding delivery and takeover.

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With this Philips PowerPro Compact vacuum cleaner, it doesn't matter what type of floor you have at home. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with all necessary brush attachments. Use the parquet brush if you have a vulnerable wooden floor. The allergy filter captures 99.9% of the fine dust particles. This is ideal for people with allergies. 

And at the end of the rental?

After the rental of 12 month

Extend contract (no commitment)
€ 11.96 VAT included/month
Return your furniture

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PHILIPS PowerPro Compact - Vacuum cleaner

  • Category: Small Appliance
  • Length (cm): 0
  • Width or depth (cm): L28.1 x PR28.1
  • Height (cm): H41
  • Weight (kg): 4.5

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