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Your show flats fully equipped and decorated with new furniture, without constraints: no furniture purchasing, no assembly, no logistics, no storage. Our teams take care of everything.

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The mission of Move&Rent, via our e-commerce platform, is to create a real ambience in a show home or delivery reception area, thanks to our new furniture rental solution and its related services. Provided as a vacant space, a dwelling will then be transformed into a home. We offer a tailor-made solution in accordance with the current decorative standards for studios up to five room apartments. The furniture is assembled, delivered and then collected at the end of the rental contract.

How to furnish a show flat easily and quickly?

You are a property developer and would like to entice your customers into their future home and thus make the purchase a reality. To do this, you have chosen to create a show home to have a commercial showcase and a real marketing tool to help sales. You have a lot of questions, but don't know where to begin.

With Move&Rent, furnishing and decorating a show flat is simple. Indeed, Move&Rent assists you in marketing your new property programmes thanks to our e-commerce platform for show home furniture rental.

We offer you an all-inclusive service: a range of styles for tailor-made universes, furniture rental for short or long term, from 24h to a year, assembly, delivery, installation, photo shoots, furniture collection. In case of sale or rental of the show flat, Move&Rent offers to move the furniture to another accommodation within the same residence. Our solution frees you from all constraints.

Move&Rent offers trendy and personalised worlds for your customers to fall in love with. We work on the layout of the space and on solutions to enhance your refined products. Move&Rent offers you a turnkey service to furnish a show flat free of constraint, all thanks to furniture rental.

Which furniture to furnish a show flat with?

Furnishing a show flat is intended to make it easier for customers to plan their future property acquisition. It is therefore important to choose your furniture carefully in order to enhance your property and living spaces.

Move&Rent offers new and contemporary furniture available for rent from 24 hours to a year to create tailor-made worlds. Style (Contemporary, Scandinavian, Classic...), product selection, quantity, interior design... Our team will guide you in your project to create a show home or sales reception area.

Our experts listen to you: your expectations, your needs, your constraints... We then advise you on interior decoration by offering you one or more personalised furniture selection(s). Finally, we put everything into shape by creating conceptual illustrations and 2D plans with the furniture that will allow you to visualise yourself inside your show home.

We furnish entire homes or single rooms: from the nursery for expectant parents to the living room for large families. Our furnishing advice is adapted to your goals: first-time buyers, retired people, the economically active, choose furniture suited to your goals whilst offering a functional layout highlighting the living spaces in a contemporary style combining comfort, aesthetics and allowing potential buyers to envisage themselves in their future home. This is how the interior design of your model home will be a success.

New and contemporary furniture

New and contemporary furniture

Furniture adapted to your needs, from studio to five rooms.

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All inclusive service

Assembly, delivery, installation, dismantling and furniture collection at the end of the contract included!

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Short lead times

A fast national delivery and assembly service.

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Circular economy

Circular economy

A second life for all furniture at the end of the contract.

Where to store the furniture of a show flat?

When choosing to create show flats, numerous constraints can arise. This includes the storage of furniture once the property sale has been completed. Finding a warehouse to store furniture, financing the storage rental, reusing the furniture before it goes out of fashion are some of the many constraints that property developers must take into account when they decide to furnish their model homes.

At Move&Rent, it's much easier and more stress-free. Indeed, we have the advantage of offering a service that avoids any stockpiling and therefore allows you to make savings.

Move&Rent offers a furniture rental service for show flats. We assemble the furniture before delivery, deliver it directly to the home to be furnished, install the furniture on site and return at the end of the contract to collect all the furniture. This is a real saving of time and energy for property developers since there is no furniture purchase, no logistics, no stocks. You don't take care of anything, we take care of everything!


What size of budget do you need to furnish a show flat?

The budget o furnish a show flat is necessarily one of the main issues property developers have to consider. Budgetary constraints can become substantial if a show flat project is not sufficiently robust and well thought out. Additional expenses may be added if the project is not well planned. With Move&Rent, there are no hidden expenses: we offer you a tailor-made quotation.

Together, we assess your requirements and create a pricing proposal based on the show home size, the desired furniture range, the decor and any other services that may be required. Once the estimate is finalised and confirmed, you have complete visibility of the budget and project duration.

In short, Move&Rent offers you a tailor-made quotation based on your budget, your requirements and constraints in order to provide you with an ideal solution.

Why offer a show flat?

A show home is a mock-up of a flat or house prior to final delivery, allowing potential buyers to preview it. Indeed, few future buyers are able to imagine themselves living there based solely on the plans of their future acquisition.

How to understand design plans in A4 format and how to accurately represent what the property will look like on delivery? To convince future buyers and to improve sales performance, property developers have traditionally developed various sales support tools. Show flats are therefore part of this commercial strategy.

Irrespective of the ability to imagine one's own home, construction times can make the customer feel even further removed from the time of delivery, which can create feelings of insecurity and therefore make a customer forego a purchase that is otherwise in line with his\her requirements.

Creating a show flat allows a customer to imagine him\herself in his\her future property and thus incline favourably towards a purchase. Since 2012, Move&Rent has assisted property developers in the implementation of their model flats thanks to its furniture rental service. Thus, the flat is fully furnished and decorated thanks to our expertise and without any constraints for property developers.

Some examples of Move&Rent's work for property developers:

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How do I adapt my decor to the show flat?

The choice of decoration for a show flat is sometimes difficult. How can we arrange the furniture according to lighting conditions? How can we create a living space where the customer will feel comfortable and can imagine him\herself in his\her future home? Move&Rent assists and advises you in considering this. Indeed, Move&Rent evaluates the available space and room orientations to be fitted out and decorated. We also discuss the target customers with you that you want to convince into buying a flat.

We create design illustrations and 2D plans with the furniture in order to better transport you into this living space. You can choose among our decorative styles: Contemporary, Scandinavian, Classic... Everything is done to make you feel at home.

How to expedite a property sale thanks to Move&Rent?

Earlier, we saw the importance of creating a show flat in the context of new property development sales. It is a genuine marketing tool to help sales, enabling customers to plan more easily for their future home. The new furniture rental service offered by Move&Rent allows you to furnish and decorate a room or an entire flat according to your expectations, your requirements and your constraints.

With a furnished living space, customers can visualise their future flat. This allows you to expedite the sale of your properties.

Our service is stress-free. We take care of the production of design illustrations and 2D plans, assembly, delivery, installation of the furniture on site, as well as furniture collection at the end of the contract. You don't have to worry about anything and you can concentrate on your core business: making the sale to your customers.

Why should I rent furniture for a show flat?

Show flat furniture rental is an ideal service for all property developers.

The service offered by Move&Rent relieves you of associated constraints such as furniture selection, storage, delivery, installation and removal. Move&Rent offers you a turnkey service that allows you to concentrate on the essentials of your work and to take care of your customers.

In addition to making your life easier, Move&Rent offers you additional services that will allow you to maximise your sales, such as photo shoots for enhancing your model flats appearance. Renting your furniture for a show flat with Move&Rent, means choosing simplicity, time saving, short lead times, a tailor-made service that adapts to your accommodation at a low cost. Moreover, you are doing a good deed for the planet since all our furniture at the end of the contract benefits from a second life thanks to our network of partners. Since its founding in 2012, Move&Rent has based its strategy on the circular economy.

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